About Kristen

A Charlottesville-based marketing specialist, I found myself in this career sort of by accident. Starting out in sales while in college pursuing a psychology degree, I found that while making a sale was exciting, the problem-solving, promotion, and research needed first were my favorite parts of the process. This revelation steered me towards all forms of marketing - a specialty where being able to recognize and then solve the problem is just as important as being able to make that final sale.

For over ten years, I've worked primarily with small businesses that needed a variety of marketing and development services but didn't have the budget for extremely specialized agencies. Needing to fill multiple roles in order to see company growth on a practical budget, I immersed myself in all forms of marketing and even moved into web development and design. Constantly learning and growing in a quickly changing landscape has kept me interested and excited. There is always a new challenge, a new skill to learn, or a new problem to solve.

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